About American Tactical

American Tactical Imports (ATI) is both a manufacturer as well as importer of the finest firearms to the United States of America. Back in 2013, the company moved its headquarters to Summersville, South Caroline. American Tactical was founded by Tony DiChario, who is also the company’s current CEO. The main scope of American Tactical is production and distribution of a number of varieties of the American’s most classic handgun - the M1911A1. Apart from that, the company also produces rifles and shotguns as well as an endless range of aftermarket accessories, ammo, and tactical gear.

American Tactical also collaborates with a number of firearms producers from a number of European countries such as Germany, Italy, and Turkey. The company takes pride in importing the highest quality firearms, ammunition, and magazines that are supposed to complement the products from their own workshop. ATI is famed for offering lifetime warranty on any of their products, including the imported ones.

The most iconic products on their offer are full-sized 1911 semi-automatic pistols. Their 1911 pistols come with slight differences in sights, triggers, safeties, and finishes, but all of them are of high quality and they also come at an incomparable price. The most popular pistols from their product line are the GSG 1911 and ATI Firepower Xtreme series. All of these pistols are assembled in Summersville, where the company resides. All of the 1911 variations ATI distributes are compatible with most standard 1911 parts and grips.